Ad-hoc testing distrubtion

Getting credentials

Building the app

Installing the app via iTunes

Nice and clear directions in this forum post.

Installing the app OTA

  • .ipa archives, must specify download URL
  • .ipa archives can be modified after save (as Testflight does)
  • Step by step guide to the manual process


Continuous integration and Jenkins

Updating the app's version from the command line

An app's version is held in the CFBundleVersion key of the app's Info.plist file.

Plists are a pain to deal with, but there is a command line plist helper called PlistBuddy in /usr/libexec since Leopard.

You can update the CFBundleVersion using:

/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Set :CFBundleVersion ${VERSION}" myapp_ios-Info.plist