A Chrome plugin for Google's encrypted search

Using Google's SSL search by default is great for privacy, but some Google services (like image search and shopping) will not appear in your search results since they're not yet available over SSL.

If you're using Google Chrome, this extension gives you links to the non-SSL versions of these services while you're using encrypted search.

Installing the plugin

Download the plugin here:

Google SSL Search Sidebar Fixer

Open the file and follow the prompts in Chrome to install and authorize the plugin.

The new Images and Shopping links should appear after you click "More" on your next SSL search results page.

To uninstall the plugin, go to Window -> Extensions. Find the "Encrypted Google Sidebar Fixer" entry and click "uninstall."

A word about privacy

Google removes the image and shopping links from the SSL results page because those services are only offered via HTTP.

This plugin adds those links back. If you click the links, you'll be losing the privacy offered by SSL search. Images and Shopping will appear faded to remind you of this.

Using encrypted search in Chrome by default

You can use Google's encryped search from Chrome's URL bar. Now that you won't lose image and shopping search, why not?

Go to Preferences -> Basics and click "Manage" next to "Default search." Click the "+" at the lower left to add a search engine. Set the new search engine up with these values:

Name:Google encrypted search

Save the new search engine by clicking "OK." Now highlight the entry you just created and choose "Make Default" at the bottom of the dialog box.

Searches you type into the URL bar will now be secure.