Debian Installation

Install with

# aptitude install acl

Set on file system by editing /etc/fstab:

/dev/foobar /   ext3    acl,error=remount-ro

Remount to activate:

# mount -o remount /

Using ACLs

Access acls grant access to users or groups. Default acls set perms on new files created in the directory the default acl is set on.

Access and default acls are set via setacl and read via getacl.

Set access acls

(The '-R' sets acls recursively)

# setfacl -R -m g:svnusers:rwx foobar 

Set the acl mask

The acl mask limits perms granted via acls, but not via user/group perms.

# setfacl -R -m m:rwx foobar

Set the default acl

# setfacl -d -R --set g:svnusers:rwx foobar 

Remove all acls

# setfacl -R -b 

Check acls

# getfacl